Aircraft assigned to the 113th Fighter Squadron and the 85th Fighter Interceptor Squadron -- 1951 through 1959

This F-51D was assigned to the 85th FIS
Serial number:  44-63788 It was destroyed in
a fatal crash in Europe in 1988.


P-51D in WWII markings of 85th Fighter Squadron


P-51H (not an 85th aircraft) Picture of assigned  H model  not available

T-6G similiar to assigned aircraft. Looking for
correct picture.

Concerning F-86D/L assigned to the 85th... Duncan Curtiss, noted researcher and author recently sent the following information. Thanks Duncan.

Initial F-86D equipment of 85th FIS comprised 8 F-86D-20, one F-86D-30 and 18 F-86D-35 aircraft (a total of 27). The first was assigned to 85th FIS straight from North American on 17 August 1953 (s/n 51-6235, an F-86D-35) and the last of this batch was assigned on 7 December (s/n 51-6253, also an F-86D-35).

This batch of aircraft were retained by 85th FIS until July 1954 when they began to be ferried out to McClellan AFB for slotting into the Project Pull-Out conversion line (to bring them up to a common F-86D-45 standard).

In their place, 24 Pull-Out converted F-86D-31 aircraft arrived (serial numbers included in the range 51-5995 to 6141), and these were retained until May and June 1955, when they were reassigned to McClellan AFB and North American at Fresno for overhaul.

The third batch of F-86Ds operated by 85th FIS were F-86D-41s, similarly Pull-Out converted aircraft, this time with serials in the 52-3598 to 3897 range. (I don't know why the squadron completely re-equipped with similar aircraft at this point, but I'd like to know) . The F-86D-41s were retained until March 1957 when all the survivors were routed into the
Fresno , Inglewood and McClellan lines for conversion into F-86Ls.

The fourth and final allotment of Sabres to 85th FIS were a mixture of F-86L-45, 50, 55 and -60 aircraft, delivered from June 1957. When the Sabres were phased out, most were transferred out to Texas ANG squadrons in June/July 1959.  

Hope this helps sort dates out, etc. I'm currently working on my third F-86 book - detailing all F-86D/K/L squadrons. Any help (especially photographs and recollections) would be gratefully received.
Duncan Curtis


This is the only full color picture of assigned F-86D known
to exist. Help !!


Hard landing ??

Marking detail graphic. Early F-86D. Courtesy of Duncan Curtis 
Depicts aircraft assigned 1/Lt Frank Hannold c1953

Markings on F-86L in 1959. Courtesy Duncan Curtis 

F-86D on ramp at Scott. It was assigned to 1/Lt Robert Lynch.
Bob's helmet, as painted by art students, is on windscreen.

                  L-20. This is a model made by Bob Archibald.

                  Picture courtesy of Harry Bell, L-20 Crew Chief